• Ever have those little spaz moments that come up in your life and you want to get rid of, but cant? I have those all the time. Heres one now...

    Worst Moment #1-
    My friends and I were having a truth or dare contest in the back of my science classroom. One of my friends I had dared to always have to say dare, and she did the same thing to me too. And then she dared me to do the most horrible thing imaginable.
    There was this guy who LIKED ME liked me and I just was a friend. Nothing more. And he was at the next table.
    Becca got this weird grin on her face.
    "I dare you Kitkat to go to Spencer (the guy I mentioned) and kiss him."
    I spazed. "EWWWWW!!! xp That's horrible!"
    "Or you can go kiss the teacher."
    I glanced at Mr. Lund. "No thanks."
    I walked up to Spencer. "What do you want Katie?"
    I leaned over and kissed his cheek.
    At this point, I realized my "EWWW" scream had attracted half the classes attention. redface
    Spencer sat there and got a dreamy look on his face while I franticly scrubbed my lips.
    When I walked back to our table, everyone was laughing. "Katie, I meant on the lips." eek "There is no way Im doing that EVER again." Becca nodded. "Shall we stop with the always dare thing?" I nodded.
    "Never speak of this EVER again."

    Im competitive, ok? I wanted that frisbee BAD xp

    Worst moment #2-
    Yesterday I was playing Ultimate Frisbee. For those of you who dont know what that is, its football but you use a frisbee instead. One of my team members threw thr frisbee and I tore after it. Ignore the yells of, "Good girl! Go get the frisbee!" I focused on the frisbee, where the wind had blown it up really high. I sprinted at full speed to see if I could catch the frisbee before it hit the ground and the other team got it.
    Anyone with experience on ym football feild knows there is about a 3-foot high fence that goes around the entire thing. But with my eyes to the sky, that fence was the last thing on my mind. That is, until I ran full tilt into it. sweatdrop
    Instead of doing what anyone else would have done and fell of it on the other side, my body did the one thing it always does when Im in pain. I curled into a ball on the fence, with my legs in the air. I will not repeat what I said on that fence, sweatdrop because Gaia might not like it too much. But when I finally got off the fence, I turned to see everyone laughing at me. xp It was soooo embaressing, exspecially since one of the guys I like was there. redface And then I had to live with the horrible cracks about looking where Im running for the rest of the period. stressed