• When i was in high school, My most clearest memory was when i had gotten into a fight with the Captain of the football team. ... Here let me tell you all about it

    I wandered threw the hall ways looking for Max's class room. He was my little brother and my parents wanted me to check on him sometimes. When i finally found him, he was doing exactly what my parents didn't want him to do, getting into a fight....... At first I didn't really care who it was he was arguing with , just why~ he was arguing with that person. I grabbed the nearest person by the collar and screamed in there ear "Why are they fighting?". The boy replied " because Damien touched Marlie". It took me 3 seconds to file those name threw my head. Hmmm.. Marlie =Fred's Girlfriend.. Damien = captain of the football team. Then i realized that I have to stop the fight before Fred gets killed! I ran between them and yelled "sttooooooop!". Now, this is where my 14 years of boxing lessons kick in.... Damien said "yo, you better move out the way before i break you nose" I replied " I kinda cant do that..as you see, this is my lil bro, and if needed , i will beat the crap out of someone who messes with him"//. Iner thought ( holy crap..did I just say that??). \. Then me and Damien stated fighting for the next 3 minutes. In the end i broke his nose and finger . I ended up with hurt stomach, and one hell of a memory. rofl