• when i was in year 7 i remember going to camp
    and my enemy (friend at the time) was ina different room to me
    and i got very upset about it because i didn't wanna be in a room
    without one of my friends so i remember winging to a teacher about
    not being in a room with any of my friends and even after
    arguing with the teacher i was not allowed to change rooms
    oh well i got over it she was next door but unfortunately..
    she wasn't over it and started crying and told people in her room
    to go get me because she wanted to talk
    so i went to her room and all she said was
    " i miss my mom " and then wouldn't say anything else to me
    so i went back to my room and went to bed
    the next morning i saw her room mate talking to a teacher
    and being a nosey little eves dropping year 7 i heard her
    tell the teacher that my friend had wet the bed i laughed
    and then comfronted her she then said
    yeah i did .. i don't think any of my friends remember it but i do
    and i think its bloody halarious =3