• It started out when my friend left gym class to go to the 'bathroom' (aka meet up with this stupid guy she was crushing on instead of meeting with me, great friend huh?)

    anyways, so she was talking to this guy for awhile until the bell rang, and she was still in her gym clothes, so she dashed back to the change room to get dressed. So well she was franticially trying to get change, during her pulling off of her shirt, someone from the next class came in, and of course, it was a boys class.
    So as she was pulling off her shirt, she froze when a guy was standing in front of her, staring at her wonderful chest. Lucky he wasn't a pig and turned around, so my friend changed even quicker and ran out of the changeroom, totally embrassed.

    Now, you think that would teach her a lesson...of course not

    she did the same thing the next week, but this time, she walked in on a guy changing, and the most weirdest thing was, it was the same guy. So she was utterly embrassed again and just grabbed her clothes and left to change in the bathroom. Thank god that was the last time, and hopefully it stays like that

    Moral of the story, don't be late for class :3

    tehe :]