• Once upon a time, there was me. Last year. So, we were having this big party thing at a swimming pool with my friends. We pretty much invited everyone in the school. We wanted everyone to like us.
    We assigned "jobs" to all of us. We took a hat and picked jobs out of it. I was dying to be the one person who carries all the food on a tray around and gives people food. The first person picked a job.
    'YES! Not my job, sucker!' I thougt.
    Next person. Dishes.
    I was third or fourth person to pick. And you'll never guess what I got. Exactly what I wanted.
    I was walking around giving my peeps food, when I started talking to someone.
    While I was talking, all the boys were about ready to dive in and see could make the biggest splash. Well, obviously I wasn't paying any attention. I didn't really care what they did. Maybe I should have been watching because as I finished talking, I held my tray up to keep walking when.....BANG! Some boy ran right into the tray. All the meatballs from the sandwiches plunked right down on my white blouse. I tipped backwards slightly and took one baby step back that was obviously too big because....SPLASH!
    Well, you get it.