• The first days of high school, year eight. Or known around here as a "Veggie", going from the top of the school to the very bottom. Nothing could metaly prepare you from what was ahead of you! It's like taking your first steps, sure you walk around; but you are going to fall on your arse. You are so happy to enter them school gates, walking in with bags bigger then your body. With your backpack filed with every thing you need for the year.

    But when you enter them gates, you find out. That year is going to be hell, with every one twice times bigger then you. People knocking you around teasing you, picking on you, you go from can't wait for high school to hating it, can't find your class? Well teachers said "Higher years will help you" that's bull crap. They tease you, so you wonder around for awhile looking for your classes. You think its all under fair, but as you reach the higher grades you find out.

    That sure, every one gets there go. From there on its sweet, you know people, you know your way around & this year you pick on the "Veggies"