• Freshman year

    I can still remember during my first years in high school, I was on one of the lowest sections. crying It was really hard because all my older and younger siblings were on the first sections. There were so many comparisons between me and my other siblings and I would always be scolded by my teachers every time I will be sleeping in their class. cry Besides that every time I will be joining contests within our school, I would always lose and my eldest sister, the performer that she is is always the one who is given recognition she even graduated with top honors. Those were my Dark Ages. However, there were my friends who supported me and encouraged me earnestly and my teachers who have always believed in my intelligence and talents.

    Sophomore year

    One could say that this was really my happiest year in high school. Everyone in my class were all close. There were no borders between us all and everyone supported each other. We help each other always and we had always fun every time we will be hanging out. Besides that, I won my first gold laurel (in high school) when I won 1st in an oratorical contest. Many and I didn't expect that I was going to win because all my enemies in that contest came from the 1st section and I only came from a lower section. I guess that I really did strive my best and and I didn't let myself sink despite all the losses I got from my previous contests. There was also a time when our group won as the 2nd place in a Balagtasan competition. Furthermore, my talent in dancing was discovered after our group won as the 1st in the ballroom competition against our rivals. Yup. Those times were the best.

    Junior year

    If I would use two adjectives during this year I would say this was my stagnant but joyful year in high school beside my sophomore year. I really did not join much competitions this year but I was transferred to a higher section (but not the first) and I was able to make new friends.

    Senior year

    This time I got in the 1st section. However, I really did not like to be in there because I had a lot of friends who are from the lower section and we all really know each other where in the other hand, I really am not much friends with this students from the 1st section. After some time, I got to be friends with them and if you think their geeky and not cool, your totally wrong. Cause besides their intelligence many of them are god looking, fashionable, admirable and talented. then, I geraduated with nice grades and was able to go to one of the famous universities.

    Something to Share.
    I have this guy friend who was just like me who incidentally was transferred to the 1st section from a lower section. The people from the 1st section was all so nice but boys would really go around him not because he was attractive but he was really friendly and nice. Well, this friend of mine got along well with a boy who apparently became his computer lab partner. The other guy is like really flirtatious with him but my guy friend really don't like this guy and he knows that this guy is courting a girl. Until, such time they had another computer lab partner until we graduated. They never again spoke to each other after they became computer lab partners as I have observed and they would avoid talking to each other. Besides that, they would avoid each other every time our class will be having a reunion. (We are still in college but we like to have reunions every summer) So what do you think?