• Hi. Im not really in High School just yet. Im 6th grade. My best friend might go to the High School Im sure Im going to. Might. And my other best friend is moving soon. My third best friend may be going to my High School, but a very small chance she will. My High School Hopes are:
    Going to prom with my best friend thats a guy, then being his gf afterwards
    Wearing a really pretty, long, red prom dress
    Still being best friends with my friends right now (keep in touch)
    Having the best seniour year EVA.
    Actually missing high school
    Getting As in all my grades
    Those are my hopes. Hopefully they'll happen. Hopefully. I can only pray for now, or hope. Theres another one but its kind of weird. I wanna have seen a mermaid by then XD. Ok. Bai