• Bubbles

    Bubbles rose from the hippo’s mouth, shaking its head to rinse the water from its bushy and leathery ears. The hippo returning to the depths from which it had risen; continues swimming and a boy stares at his reflection. For a moment, he looks over both of his shoulders then returns his attention to the hippo. Nothing stands next to him, but he sees her smiling face reaching up to kiss him. Wishing he “was” next to her but to his sad disappointment, she is far away. It is morning in a house far from the boy. The lights go dim as a girl laughs. She is happy and her past is banished from her joyous mind. Waiting at the zoo the hippo yawns at the sky making more bubbles. They float to the surface and the boy looks down into the water, and watches the animal breathe. Its body is round like the bubbles it breathes. The reason for this behavior is of no concern to the boy, he just finds the hippo amusing to observe. Back in the girls house far from her lover she exhales heavily, deeply and thankfully in pleasure. She looks down at her bottomless waist which she has recently satisfied. Memories haunt her but; she only remembers his dreamy honest voice. The boy, who watches the hippo, has yet to meet her for she longs to be with him and boy stares at his reflection as the hippo stares back with its small eyes. He thinks of her, in doubt at times, he worries about her when he is gone from her voice for to long. He does not trust himself it’s her who loves him, he thinks that she feels the same, but she claims she loves him and he knows this, but there is a small tremendous amount of uncertainty that haunts his mind. The fantasies they share and cherish together. The confidence of there dreams and their plans which they strive so willingly to make true…the boy walks away from the exhibit shedding tears. For some reason he realized that in the house where the girl sat, she was doing the same for him.