• I remember that day well. It was my birthday, July 19th. The heat was suffocating my outside, so to escape it I went inside to visit my best friend. Her name is PC, she provides the internet which changed my life forever that day.

    Me? Who am I? My name's Makayla. As I was saying, to escape the heat I was on the internet. Now normally I wouldn't have bothered with Myspace, since I have better things to do, but since I haven't checked it in a while I figured why not?
    So I sign in and I see I have three new messages. Yeah, I'm that unpopular. Anyways, the first message was from my friend (who's real name I won't use for her protection) Bun-Bun.

    "Dude! Your gonna be totally shocked at this person's Myspace this is! You. Must. Click. This. Link. NOW!!!!!!!!!---------------->www.myspace.com/therealouran" I'm not kidding you that's what she wrote. Me, being the one task at a time type of person, decides to look at other messages first.

    The next message was from (again not using a real name) Kami-Neko-Sama. Her message was slightly more amusing. All she said was two words, and one wasn't even a word! "Lol Wow" Yup, gotta love Kami-Neko-Sama. If that wasn't weird enough, there was a link too. What link you ask? www.myspace.com/therealouran. Hm, perhaps I should check this out, but I didn't till after the last message.

    Now Nekoko (Yup not her real name) her message was FREAKY! It was in all caps. "HOW COULD YOU FALL FOR SUCH A HORRIBLE GUY? YOU BETTER GET SOME OF THIS MONEY OR I'LL KILL YOU! AND IF HE'S CHEATING ON...HE WILL SUFFER FROM A DULL RUSTY SCALPEL *the rest is not for eyes to see* LOOK AT THIS LINK NOW!!!!!!" So I look and BAM! That's the sound of me smacking my desk. Why? You guessed it, www.myspace.com/therealouran was there.

    If all three of them wanted me to look at the link, well who was I to object? Clicking the link, I was completely chocked. First thing you see is Haven Harem the Myspace host club. That wasn't the shocking part. The shocking part was the person who owned it. The owner was my boyfriend, Geoff Smith!

    It was shocking because he looked so sharp in his picture. His hair was brushed, pampered, and done up. Hell he had clothes on that fit, and were fashionable. Who is this? I mean seriously he never looks nice for me!

    Like a moth to fire I was attracted to his page. It was actually a pretty good business from what I could see. The prices weren't bad. Two-hundred dollars for date, or 50 thousand dollars for weekends, and various prices in between. There were pictures of twelve hosts in total. Six women, and Six men, all of them gorgeous of course. Wait a second! The guys I can understand how he picked them out and got them to work for him, money goes a long way, but how did he get the girls to join? He told me he couldn't handle girls very well!!

    The worst part was it actually has like a million hits. Not just from Washington, but from all over the United States, Canada too if you pay an extra five thousand dollars. So like an smart, mature, girlfriend would do, I planned to confront him the next day.

    There he was, talking to his friend, what was it? Sam? Seth? Well anyways he looked like he did every other day. Like people from Twilight Town on Kingdom Hearts, nerdy yet from the ghetto. His hair, maybe brushed but frizzy, certainly not what I saw yesterday. Since I'm a smart, mature, girlfriend I did what any person would do. Went up to him and broke his nose!

    "WHAT WAS THAT FOR MAKAYLA!" Geoff screamed in agony.

    "Oh you know Haven Harem stuff." I saw his face go from agony to laughter.

    "Oh that? It's a joke made by Sean and I." He answered my unasked question.

    I didn't punch him this time. Instead, I slapped him and Sean and walked off in embarrassment, never to look at Myspace again.