• As the dawns light pooled into the room, Annie turned over. She was in the middle of imagening what the castle would be like on the insid. Would it be old and creepy, like on the outside or would the military have modernized it a bit. No matter what anybody did she would go inside.
    A knocking came to the door. "house keeping" chimed an unwanted familier voice.
    " Go away Bennet." annie moaned, she lost the image in her head. "I want to sleep." she tried recreating it diving a metaphorical hand into her mind for the fantasy Bennet had just ruined.
    "Sleep?" he said as if it were the most perposterious thing in the world "How much sleep do you need its nearly 11:00 am."
    That made Annie shoot up into a perfectly straight sitting position, she shot her head to the clock so fast she got a bit wosey. 10:49 am. Even though her and Demetre didn't say a time, she wanted to head up there as soon as possible.
    Annie literaly jumped out of bed and began to change cloths. A longsleeve shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans was good enough.
    "Hey you okay, something sounded like it fell in there." Bennet said.
    "for what it concerns you I'm in a hurry to go out today, I'm meeting someone and I don't want you tagging along" Annie could only imagin what would happen if Bennet came along. She wouldn't be able to enjoy a moment of the entire mansion.
    For some time Bennet was quiet, a rare occasion but if she questioned him he would be a stupid chatterbox again. Then he mumbled something to the door." what was that?" Annie started brushing her hair, she had a seriously bad case of bed head.
    " Is it going to be like a date?" he said so that annie had to strain to hear what he was saying.
    "Somthing of that nature." It technacly wasn't a lie but she wasn't excactly going out with Demetre. Wasn't that against the law? Then again she was in a different country which means laws might be different. Okay, but that would never happen.
    There was silence at the door once more. Annie put on some shoes and checked her bag. "I'll see you downstairs then." Bennets voice had startled her from the long silence. She heard footsteps dying away down the hall.
    Odd he usualy never leaves or shuts up. oh well.

    After a silent brekfest with Bennet. Annie ran to the Castle gate. The morning air was cold, crisp and dry. As she arrived at the gate. She saw Demetre standing there looking at the castle with an odd determind look on his face.
    "Are you scared?" annie slurred.
    The boy spun around on his heel making his shaggy brown hair to sway. For a second she thought she saw a moment of fear on his face. But then it went back to its plain, cool, blank face.
    "Don't do that"he seemed to say it louder than he intented.
    "Fine let's go up to the castle now." Annie said pulling her coat around her, it was supposed to be summer but it felt like winter.
    "Alright, but don't too far ahead of me got that?" He said face unchaning.
    Annie moved to a salute form "yes sir" she said and then giggled. Demetre scowled and went through the gate. She would find out why he was so afraid of the castle eventualy but for now she needed to get inside the castle to settle her own needs.