• Verse 1:
    what happens when we die? its like when we live. we try, we fight, we take, we give. i dont like the thought of death, looming overhead. knowing that one day i will be dead. So i hope and pray before i sleep. That the reaper stays away and my soul i keep.
    The reaper will strike tonight. Theres no use to put up a fight. He causes so much pain inside, thoughts of countless suicide. tell me why the reapers here because for my life i do fear.
    Verse 2:
    People say they understand that life is short. these people are the naive sort. no one truly understands what i have said. unless that person is dead. theres so much hate in our world today. the reaper has the final say.
    verse 3:
    Reaping souls of the free. taking souls from you and me. no one sees just what they had. Till there dead and all are sad. Still they take advantage of life. using it like a prying knife. Just to rise to the top. i just wish it all would end!!