• Today~plan for today
    ~Go out side.
    ~Chew gum that some one gives me.
    ~Talk to friends
    ~make new friends

    when i'm all dressed, i brush my hair thinks of tony.
    "Mr. kitty i'm going to go out and see tony!" may said
    i grab my bag and walk to the door.
    As i'm half way to the mall i hear my name,"May!!!! OMG iv missed you so much how long has it been?"Yells Shelly."Its been two day i'm sorry but i have to go."i said try to keep my calm. why the hell is she talking to me!"oh okay so you want some gum?" she say looking me up and down."OKAY! i can never say no to free gum!"i say hyped up. she hands my a piece.i pop it in my mouth. and walk away
    as i walk in the mall there is a huge crowed, "Hey Jim whats going on?"i ask.
    "There's a fight,"he say so coolly that it makes me claim.
    "Whos fighting?"i ask all ready knowing the answer. "Tony, "he says.
    i push my way in the crowed and see Tony hitting this guy in the face.
    my face is blank as i see the boys face.
    "STOP, RIGHT NOW TONY!"i yell so quit that i didn't know if he heard it, but he did and looked at me and smiled "Hey girl hold on ill be right there."he say calmly. Then hits this poor boy in the gut and lets him fall on hes face." What are you doing???" i ask.
    "oh not much and you?"he says"why are you hitting him?" i ask?
    "he bumped me."he answers. I look at him in discuss, and walk to the guy.
    "hello i'm may." i say pulling him up.
    he stars at me. and smiles "um hi im Markus," he says with a twinkle in hes eye.
    "Come on ill take you to get something to eat."i say and grab hes hand pulling him along
    he laughs"um okay..!" and we walk to subway hand in hand,fingers intertwine with each other.

    what a day. evil