• So Beautiful as a rose
    So depressing as watching your house on fire
    Your Beauty strikes me with a feeling that i can't
    Explain like if i was struck by lightning
    I want to be with you even when we die flowing in
    The breeze together
    Every time I'm next to you, smell like a bloom of flowers
    Just as I'm been strucked by love at first had
    The biggest crush for so long to be with you
    Now that we are together I'm afraid if one of us
    Dies that the other one will fall too
    There are so many things that I want to do to you
    That you know and don't know
    Now that you know I feel shy of doing it too you
    Your beauty strikes me hard
    I just want to be together forever until the end of time
    Once again,
    I've been gone for along time and now you have
    Brought me back
    So beautiful now I'm not confused and I understand
    My beautiful girl comes to me...