• Forgiving me is the right thing to do because if you
    Do I can explain to you the purpose of me doing
    This that upsets you
    You are the only girl I love
    I was never focused on other girls just you, thinking
    One day we might just be together
    And now just a year later we started off bad
    With problems but now we are happier than ever
    If I ever do something to you or someone
    That you don't like please forgive me so I
    Can explain that you are my chosen one
    The one, hopefully we are together as we grow
    Older getting more romantic to each other,
    Getting happy for one another, and also carring
    For each other
    If you don't forgive me then that would
    Be the most painfullest day of my life knowing
    That you won't let me talk to you, see you and
    After that I would never go out with
    Another girl again even if they want to
    Be with me
    You are my girl and I hope that day never comes...