• Lonely the last thing I would ever want is for that to happen
    My dreams are leaving me without hope
    I hope that I would be with you forever but sometimes
    I doubt that thats going to happen but if that would
    To ever come true I would cry knowing that you aren't
    There anymore and I can't be with you
    People turn me down saying you shouldn't be with
    Her but I say I love her with all my heart and blood
    My hopes are useless but the only one that I
    Wish comes true and I would do anything for it to
    come true is my wish bone's wish which is to be with
    You even as we are died I would wonder next to you
    Around our graves walking around together
    Lonely the one thing that might make me go insane
    To bring out my more destructive self in me
    And I might just kill anyone since I'm just some
    Boy roaming this crappy planet hoping that just one
    Day I might be with someone special
    But until then even though my hopes are gone
    I'm not alone, I'm with you