• I Could Say Freshman Year Was The Best Year Ever But Then I Would Be Lying. It All Started Out Great. Me And My BFF Had The Same Obsession Over The Same Band...The Jonas Brothers. I Admit I Was A Little More Obsessive Than Any Of My Other Friends. I Had Walls Plastered With Them. redface Well If You Couldn't Tell By Now I Was A Bit Loopy At The Beginning. But DS Didn't Know Me That Well So He Asked Me To Homecoming. And Me Being The Paranoid Freak I Was, Thought Him Asking Me To A Dance=Dating. But No He Intended For Us To Go As Friends. But He Made No Attempt To Straighten The Misunderstanding.
    So Homecoming Came And We Arranged For Him To Pick Me Up At My House. So He Came In His Black Shirt, Black Pants and Purple Silk Tie...Oh He Looked Great. He Even Got Me A Flower. So Then I Showed Him My Room...He Was Shocked To Say The Least. I Swear He Was Thinking About What An Idiot He Was To Ask Me To The Dance.
    So We Went To The Dance And I Was Being A Little Posessive. Okay Maybe A Lot. And It Was A Dreadful Time, Very Awkward And Weird. I Was Being A Crazy Lunatic Throughout The Whole Thing...
    When I Think Back To This I Just Cringe At How Lame I was. I Mean I Don't Think I Could Have Ruined Things Any Better Than I Have And The Sad Part Is I Still Have Feelings For Him That I Have Tried Time Again To Get Rid Of. And I've Been Having Relationship Problems Ever Since.