• We sit around telling our stories and tales,
    not realizing how winds will change our sails.
    My own boat is now getting ready to go out,
    and now my senior year I'm starting to doubt.

    Have I truly made the best of these years?
    Or did I let them be controlled my by fears?
    Because now my friends and I are going out in the world,
    not together, but apart, with memories we hold.

    Memories of laughter, sadness, joy, and fear,
    which I will continue to hold on, oh so dear.
    Do not say, "Let's meet up when we're near."
    However say, "Let's meet up on this year."

    No matter what you religion, race, or creed.
    We've been put together to fill a need.
    A need for what, joy? Sadness? Or pain?
    No matter, with each other we did gain.

    Gained things that we'll tell our children,
    and things that help us go on, every now and then.
    When we see each other again, and go " Remember when..."
    we relive those moments again, and again.

    So now let us look onward, into the light,
    the light of out new lives, in which we take flight.
    Let us not stop looking back, for that directs out sail,
    and with it we cannot fail.