• Okay, so a few weeks ago, we had a cell model that we had to build in Anat. & Phys. class. We had to make it out of food. My lab group decided that we would make our model out of pizza. Thinking that our model would be the best tasting thing ever, we decided to make the various organelles out of various junk foods, such as reese's, snickers, gummy bears, potato chips, chocolate chips, and twizzlers. Our pizza was a Digiorno's single, microwaved in the back of the room before we assembled the cell.
    The first sign that this was going to be a bad idea was when the gummy bears started melting on the pizza. Then the chocolate started melting. Then the Twizzlers. The only thing that was left unmelted was the potato chip. Our model was graded (luckily it hadn't completely melted before it was graded) and then we had the privelege to eat it.
    Words of wisdom: Don't EVER EVER EVEREVEREVEREVEREVER EVER EVER EVER E-VER put any of those things on pizza. The three of us in the lab group took simultaneous bites into the pizza, and our reactions were all almost the same.
    I had hoped that the disgusting-looking pizza would be deliciously disgusting. It wasn't
    I threw up in my mouth a little bit, and so did the other two guys. We had one other person in the group, but she was too much of a pansy to try our disgusting concoction. She did not regret her decision. I was stuck with the taste in my mouth for the rest of the day.

    Learn from our mistakes, don't try this at home, or school, or at the office, or the park, or anywhere that isn't within two feet of a trashcan or toilet that you can throw up into. Trust me.