• I remember the night of my life. It was Satuday. September 9th ,1995. I , Stephanie Castall , had fallen in love with this man two weeks before this day. His name was David Boldum. I loved his eyes.The way they glowed in the light. Beautiful blue eyes, you could stare at them all day. He was on the football team. But, never really talked. He is more of a silent type. It all happened after his father had killed his mother, it was on this day. But his father had killed himself. So, he only talked to me.
    I loved how he always had that huge smile on his face when ever he saw me at a game or in school. And, of course I had a huge smile too.
    People told me stories about how he had fallen in love with so many girls before and on this day, after they had his "special date". They never saw any of them again. I thought it was all just a scary story to frighten me. But I was never frightened. I didn't believe David, that sweet, sweet David, would do anything to hurt anyone.So i went on this special date.
    That day, was my dream day. He took me to the beach. And we had a lovely dinner, as we watched the waves. We stared into each others eyes for as long as I can remember. But, this night his eyes seemed darker. In the moon light it made his eyes look red. The we went up to his Room. Kissing on the way up and then after 5 minutes, he stopped and got up. I Sat up and looked at him, with confusion in my eyes. He had opened the desk door and pulled out a knife. "I'm sorry" He said ."What are you doing?" I asked him ,kinda frightened by the way he was walking to me. I saw tears. Red tears come out of his eye. He can closer, and closer. And got on his knees. "I'M SORRY!!" he yelled. He pushed the knife right into my heart."I love you..." he said whispering into my ear. When he was done and pulled the knife out. I was shaking, I was in pain. "I love you, too" i answered. I saw him lean over me and break down into tears. And that was the last thing i saw. Now i am dead, with a broken heart. Still, waiting for someone to replace it.
    But while i am waiting I am watching my sweet, sweet David Boldum. A year has passed and Today is September 9th 1996. I saw the girl that ,David Bolum, had found. But before he can kill her ,today is the day I will come back and kill David Boldum.