• It was a cold day; the cloud covered over the suns rays and everywhere was a dim grey. The five girls sat at the benches in the corner of the courtyard talking about this, that and the other. A laugh there and a giggle there, the general mucking about that passed through each day of the five-day school week. A strong bond held that group of friends, hardly any augments, fights or shouting, just smiles, dancing and singing.

    Until that fateful day came, when three of those girls had to play a game. A game of courage and stamina. Rising up to the challenge, one of the girls took lead, positioning her self in the middle of the pitch ready to hit the ball when the whistle sounded. The blood was rushing around her body, nerves and energy hit her with great force as the whistle went and the wooden hooked stick hit the ball.

    A rush of excitement flew down the pitch, the ball being hit in every which way. Another of the three girls was fighting for the ball, trying to pry it away from the other team. She got the ball and hit it to one of their teammates, Of which who ran with it and ran with it until it had been taken again. The centre of the team was running for that ball, trying to find where it went and then thinking of way to stop the team from scoring. To late, as the ball got shot right into the goal, the girl sighed. Out of breath and tired, feeling a little dizzy she just wanted to go home.

    That’s when she saw one of her very good friends, She was sent of to the side. She had been feeling ill and tired, and that’s when she started to worry for this friend. The centre immediately forgot about her sickness and dizziness and started to play, not play for anyone, play for her. Trying at least to score a goal, because she knew the other wanted to beat this team since they always some how beat us.

    Running and running until her legs gave in, she tried her best. Breath harshly and the world beneath her spinning all around, She some how focused on one thing and found her balance once more. The Whistle blew for the game to end and she had no means or energy to say and well done to the other team for winning. All her mind was set on right now was getting over to her friend.

    She settled by the body on the floor, it looked tired and cold. So the girl lifted her friend into a hug to keep her warm. The guardian of the team told them to come with her, followed by the rest of the team to wait out side the gates for the coach. So she helped up the other and walked with her. Out side the gates now, and the clouds grew darker as the cold raindrops started to fall, they were colder then of what she knew and soon realised it was snow. As soon as the smile was spread across her face, it soon fell; the cold was hitting her like no tomorrow.

    The snow wasn’t heavy but falling fast, She turned around to notice her friend on the floor; hugging her knees to her chest, shivering, her hands red and her face pale. The girl bent down pulling the other into a warm hug, trying to warm the other with her body heat. The girl wouldn’t get off the floor no matter how much the other tried to help her, she wouldn’t move. The other forcedly picked her up, now realising that girl couldn’t get up because the cold had hit her twice as hard and only wearing a t-shirt and trousers didn’t help it.

    The girl just had to ignore the cold for now; She had to focus her concerns to her friend. Holding the other up because her strength had grown weaker of the vast wind and heavy snow. The transport came finally and the team got on, The girl helped her friend, telling the last of the three girls to warm up one of the team mates as best as she could. They sat close to the heaters on the bus, The girl taking off her arm warmers and wrapping them around the others hands and then hold them hands in hers breathing warm air on them until she warmed up and could move her hands again. The girls friend couldn’t talk, the weather just took her speech her warmness her means of strength. The girl could feel her friend getting better as she felt a light squeeze to her hand and a small whisper…

    “…Thank you”