• I can't hold on no longer,
    to what used to be.
    I thought u'd make me stronger,
    but turns out u just used me.
    I sit here on the cold tile,
    not caring about the future.
    I sit here holding my head crying,
    not caring about the future.
    I can't stop the river,
    from washing me away.
    I can't stop the pain,
    from killing me today.
    You told me u loved me,
    so tell me was that all a lie??
    U told me u would never leave me,
    so tell me what this is called??
    Im lost and confused,
    so i'll just sit here,
    surrounded by darkness.
    And cry...
    until i can figure this out.
    Until life seems worth living,
    until i can finally hear my heart beating once again.....