• It was ones I was in 6 grade that this boy tale me that he love me. But he tale me that for 4 years before school stared. But this as not any boy this was the hottest boy in school. That every cutes girls would go after & try to be come he’s girlfriend. For me I could not believe that the most hottest boy in school would be going after a girl like me!!!
    You maybe wondeing why I would say some thing like that? You perpley be thinking that I am a really cutely girl.
    Will no I am not!!!!
    I am fat about 210 at the time & had brown hair & eyes.
    But ones I made it to high school the day before school he tale me I LOVE YOU!!! Right to my face. Will I was in middle school I only tale me he love me when we were walk by neither. But when the tale me I LOVE YOU!! To my face I think I may have scared hem a why by asking hem why do you love me? But it was with a mean voiens & a face. But He side I don’t know. Then He walked away back into the room that the group of people were staying in why a person was showing us a round the school for the first time. But all will!!! I’m sure I’ll meet a guy when I get out of school.