• Me, Tatiana, Ryan, and Dylan ditched the last 2 hours of the homecoming dance and went to the park.Soon as we went over there Tatiana had this brilliant idea of being pushed on the tire swing. Ryan followed and started to push her up way high. Tatiana started to feel dizzy and said"Hey, you should slow it down!" Ryan pulled on the tire while Tatiana's legs just dangled over the tire and soon enough me and Dylan heard a *POP!!* Ryan staggered for a bit and then somehow i ended up on the ground nearly dying from laughing so hard. Tatiana got off and sat down on the tables" I don't think i wanna do that again for awhile...hahaha"
    To this day everytime we would go swing on that swing set we would say "Dont pull a Tatiana!"
    (R.I.P Tatiana Maxine Mayers.. I miss you so much!!!)