• Why is it that when I say I love you, you say nothing back? But everytime we kiss, sparks fly, though I'm staring in anothers eye. Is it that were finally through and done, like nothing ever happened? Or is it that your time has reached its limits..?
    Its the madness that makes me wonder. I ask you why.. Is it me? Did I do something wrong?
    You say no it's not you. Its me... I look at you in concern... Is there anything I should know about? But no he turns his head and walks away. I fall to the ground, scraping my knees on the pavement. Hiding my face under my hands. My tears fall down and stream a line towards his shadow.. Why won't you tell me? Does this mean... were through?
    I text him asking if he's alright. But he tells me he has no time for me what so ever.
    I'm sitting on my bed saying what does he mean..?! He texted me again. I grasp my phone in my palm hoping he wasn't going to break up. Wrong.. The only thing left of him was his goodbye on the screen.
    I see his face and look at him.
    Does this really mean goodbye?
    Why'd you hurt me so badly that it will leave a scar..
    My broken heart cannot be healed no longer.
    Unless taken back to the past.
    Before it all begun...