• Okay, so one day my friend Ashlei and I were sitting at the back table in our second block, Recreational Games, playing connect four. I was so frustrated that I had lost every round, especially with Ashlei leering over the game set at me. So, in my usual fashion, I accuse her of cheating and decided to call my other friend, Tony, to come and play with me.

    I got really, really agitated when he didn't answer me. When I call Tony again, he--with his back still turned to me--holds up one finger to signal, "I'll be there in a minute."

    And I just couldn't stand it, and I pretty much scream, "GODDAMMIT! DON'T YOU FINGER ME, TONY!"

    ...the room grew very quiet.

    With my hands in my face, I slunk down in my seat, and tried to block out the sound of Ashlei falling down onto the floor and Tony quietly cussing me out.

    No one has lived it down yet. >->