• I stand by our table. Our comfortable nest of friends and watch.
    Who knows you here like I do? Who could tell what you thought about.
    None of them.
    And in some way....me?
    The girls laugh, you make them smile.
    I look down into our puddles of garbage. The orange peels of fruit we like to throw on the ground, and consider.
    How much longer can this peace last? Have we not all grown too big, too different from eachother to maintain our desperate balance? But why should we have to change?
    Days pass. Months, a year. Now we are all hidden behind the great mounds of work we burry ourselves in. We've grown uncomfortable with eachother.
    One word from you echoes several different ones in each of our minds.
    Now, they too smell the drugs.
    They've noticed the smell on your breath,
    the money you come back with, after those silent slip-aways.
    This year, things are different.
    We can no longer trust in our friendships to keep us toghether.
    Once, we depended on eachother because without support we would have easily fallen to the floor.
    But those days have now passed us, our disillusions fallen away, and the world exposed for what it is.
    They shall not notice the worried look on your face.
    The way you won't show up for the last day of classes.
    Later, when someone tells them your story they'll worry. Wonder what happened to make you this way.
    We'll forget that we once loved you. Were your friend, lived our lives knowing you'd create our smiles.
    All this goes down the drain when these labels are created.
    One boy's cousin. Already hooked because of a thousand words you spoke.
    So take care, Danny boy.
    Take with you our best wishes.
    Explore this world, as you wish
    For soon enough you'll wake from your trance and realize that your life isn't worth living.
    And then, maybe you'll come back. Back to your highschool. To your life before the drugs.
    Take heed, and remember.