• I remember that year fondly, i remember the mornings. I would sit in the lobby and sing with the juniors i hung out with and my few senior friends. I remember being the mom. At our class trip meeting i brought home made cookies i baked myself. lets just say that day i was god in my friends world. There was that day it rained and we danced in it and watched the boys play hacysac. I remember that day someone got pulled over while we ate lunch and we were all chanting to ourselves "resist arrest please god make him ressist arrest" he didn't though. I remember being the dodge ball ninja in gym class. damn jocks always aimed for my boobs.

    I remember the first day i brought my car in it wouldn't start when i had to go home. Turns out it has to be in park to start. sweatdrop but someone was nice enough to stop and help. I remember sitting in orchestra singing along to the beatles music we were playing. High school was generaly fun for me and it was all thanks to the people around me.