• I was running out to catch my bus ride/septran and I saw it wasn't there, so I just glanced at my house and my at the street and I started leaving my house and left my house and walked down where the forest preserve was and I walked down there a long way, and I then walked across wet and maybe muddy grass clutching my Tinkerbell fariy wings in my arms and got to the sidewalk part of the street, and watched the crossing street light, and from behind me, I could somehow sense two girls I knew were watching me, so I ignored that feeling, and went across the street and kept on walking, so I then heard a honk and a loud screech of tires, so I then took off running but the car then stopped me from running, so I stopped running and sighed and went over then asked if I knew them, so their answer was yes, and I got a free ride to my freshman high school campus, and went inside, and told my teacher Mrs.Koulentes about what had happened with my septran ride, and my mom came over to my high school, and I was in a room with her, along with my high school teacher, and my mom told me never to do that again, so I promised her that.

    End of story

    Written by Beautiful Susan