• Remember that time you caught him looking at you? It wasn’t a stare, it was barely even a glimpse. But it was there. Maybe no one else even saw, but you did.

    And don’t even try to deny it, you may forget how many times your teacher did her awful mannerism, or you may forget how to solve that complicated math problem, or maybe, even though it’s quite unethical although inanely possible, you might even forget you own name. But you can never ever deny the fact that you can write paragraphs upon paragraphs of essays about that feeling he gave you when you caught him looking straight at you. Like you were special. Like, maybe, by some crazy twist of fate, he liked you too.

    You walked the hallways with possibly, the biggest smile to grace your face yet.

    Or so you think. Heads up girl, it gets better.

    “So she caught you, huh? You gotta fess up sometime.” It was Ian something, wasn’t it? His name didn’t matter, though. It mattered who he was talking to. You’re barely a foot away, but they don’t seem to notice. Was he talking about you? You catching him stare? “Don’t push it, man. Maybe. Soon.”

    What you heard him reply had your heart racing right then and there. So maybe your little fantasy about liking him wouldn’t be the most scandalous thing in the world. Maybe some people do get their happily ever afters.

    Maybe you would too. You’re both just too scared to say anything. You might have a million fights a day, or maybe even break up every now and again. But the possibility of having a happily ever after, well, maybe the risk was worth that.

    Maybe he likes you too.

    And sometimes, sometimes that possibility is enough