• here i am.

    staring at the black wall i see in front of me as i lay.

    having these tears fall from my eyes like an undeadly waterfall.

    my heart torn apart.

    my soul had faded away.

    im here...still loving him.



    and dealing with it.

    sleeping for hours.

    dreaming like life is just a story.

    waking up like i died today.

    days became weeks..

    and weeks became months...

    no voice of his..

    no warmth from him..

    not even a heart beat..

    admiting that i thought i died forever.

    maybe even wishing i did..

    i couldnt live without him..

    memories tortured me..

    but i let them devour my smiles.

    after losing him , i forgotten how to smile anyways..


    there was a day.

    i heard his voice.

    ive seen his wonderful smiling face.. felt his lovely warm arms around me.. so safe ive felt..

    his words... of sorries and love..

    ive forgiven.

    i found my smile.

    i found my future.

    our love is like a movie.

    two hearts are now one.. once again.

    im back in his amazing life.

    forever im not letting go