• Love is something of some force in which no one can truly tell or know what will happen. Some ask or question whether if love truly exist, most even ask "Whether you really love him/her, do you think they are the one? Most reply yes but then later on realise that they don't, when most are deep into the relationship they panic and often question what they feel. So they let their mind and heart wonder, which can make the end result far from something or someone that they truly desire. Causing distance to come between the two until it reaches the breaking point. Most either lie or cheat because of their wondering mind, thoughts and fantasies until it's too late. All the while their feelings for one another grow distant and become cold, this process in a relationship is a painful one which can numb a persons core. Most express how they feel but a small amount just swallows the pain and let it live inside and move on with their life, as if nothing happened which can cause the person to slowly die inside and become nothing but an empty shell of the person that once resided.
    I question myself on the topic of love constantly, the same five questions.....always;

    1. Is love real or a trick of the mind?
    2. Is there an equal for each person on the earthly plain?
    3. The concept on Soul-mates, does it exist?
    4. Will we all find truelove if it exist?
    5. Or are we doomed to walk alone?

    I ask myself these things and come up with nothing. Love like all things comes with a price, it needs an equal like all things in life; Life and Death, Joy and Sorrow and of course Love and Hate. Pain is an associate with love due to the lies and secrets that comes with a questioning mind, along with distrust and sometimes even resentment. Love is unpredictable, as is life itself.