• I can feel tears in my eyes, though I try to blink them away, they still fell fast.
    I wouldn't cry, it would hurt her. But she was my friend, lying weak on her death bed saying her last words to the only one who could hear her, the only one how she knew would care, the only one who would listen.
    I wiped my eyes and face with the sleeve of my shirt and tried hard not to cry. The only good friend I had ever made, the only one who knew me, the only one who would listen. And she was dying, before my eyes and I was powerless to stop it.
    She started to say something, desperate to hold on to what little life she had left, and she managed the last word I would hear from her, and they would haunt me until my death.
    "Please..." light faded from her eyes, and her body relaxed.
    My heart felt ripped apart, and the world seemed to end. I couldn't feel, I couldn't breath, I could barely see, and all I heard was screaming and uncontrollable sobbing.