• Aura been a good girl all her life. She never did anything wrong, but for some reason it just wasn't enough for her family. They treated her like dirt. Until one day it all stopped. Everything, she came home from school her family was gone, all that was left was a note;

    You're 14 years old today, and we think that's old enough for you to start taking care of yourself so get to it. Don't expect us back, we're gone. Get a job and learn to live.

    Andrea and George Fillenston

    She couldn't believe that they would leave her like that. She thought," What am I going to do now? Maybe I can call child services... no I can't. I guess I'll get a job and be an adult."
    She went to the store and spent what money she could find on food for the night. She found a newspaper from last sunday and looked in the job section, but nothing was for her age. She was curious,"I guess I could go downtown and ask people for a job."
    The next day after school she went to the coffee bean in the Old Market and asked for an application. They took one out and said," Wait, how old are you?"
    " Fourteen, but my parents left-"
    " I'm sorry, but you have to be sixteen to work here." She took the application and put it away. This happened everywhere! Finally she stopped on the corner of Yogurt and 15th, a couple of older males came by and said," So how much do you want for one hour?"
    "Exuse me?!"
    " Well aren't you one of them hookers?"


    " I'm sor-" Then it clicked, that her job! She would sleep with men for money!, " As a matter of fact I am! Will 1,500 work?"
    " Cool with me!" So they went back to the strange mans trailor, but it wasn't what she thought. The man took a hold of her arms, and lead her to the bed. HE threw her down and landed hard on top of her. She screamed," What are you doing, get off me! I want my money first you b*****d.... GET OFF!"
    All he did was hit her hard across the face exclaiming," You'll get your money when we're done you filthy whore!" He pulled down his pants, and ripped her skirt off in one easy motion. SHe fought back: kicking and screaming so hard it hurt. She realized that she couldn't win so ahe finally said," Please just use a rubber."
    " Why would I do that, it makes it less pleasurable!" he yelled as he stuck her in a very painful way.
    "AHHHH!" She yelped and all she could do was sit there.
    After he was through, he gave her a pair of overly sized pants and said get dressed you filthy whore. She did as he said and asked," What about my money?"
    "Oh, here's $900 b/c you weren't that good."
    " But we agreed $1500!"
    He smacked her to the floor and pointed towards the door. She ran as fast as she could. When she got out the door she looked around and realized she was 10 miles away from home. SHe started to walk home, and cut through an alley way. She knew it was stupid, but she just needed a warm shower and a bed.
    When she got home the door had a sign on it saying she needs to pay rent. A total of $3000. Not including bills. She knew she had to keep being a hooker, but what else could she do? She needed money badly.
    The next day at school, the principal called her down to the office....

    TO BE CONTINUED..........

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