• The place I would most like to be right now would be alone on a warm tropical island far away. This is because the weather is horrible here and isn’t sunny and bright. Furthermore, I like having the ability to do what I want. I don’t like being told what to do.
    As I look around the island I discover that it is beautiful. It has white sandy beaches and is surrounded by calm blue seas. The island itself is small, but big enough for someone to live very comfortably. This island has such a wide range of exotic fruits this includes pineapples and papayas, so the island has enough food to sustain life.
    Next to this I have seen loads of amazing animals that I would see in my boring life in a busy town. I saw a monkey and a rhino. I have also seen loads of bugs; I saw a butterfly about the size of a tea plate and loads of different types of spiders I also saw a load of mosquitoes but I am lucky mosquitoes don’t like to bite me.
    Next the non-fruit trees on the island are what look like hundred feet tall because anywhere I look up I cannot see the sky. I think I might try and climb up one of them when I have discovered all I can about the island. I hope that that happens soon because I really want to try it.
    Furthermore I discovered a group of houses on the island. I think that must mean people live here even though I have seen any of them yet. The houses on the island are big and are made from only wood so it all recycled materials. I sneaked into one of the houses. It has two large rooms one is the living area and the other is what looks like a very primitive kitchen.
    There’s a noise. I don’t know what it is? What is it? Help me! I hope it’s not the people of the island they might catch me and try to kill me because I might be breaking on of their laws by being in there house without their permission. I hope islanders are nice and don’t want to kill me as I don’t know if it is against their laws. I hope it’s not there because I don’t want to be caught. I’m scared. What shall I do? I see a window in the house so I decided to make a jump because where it leads I hope is better than where I am. I’ve got to jump. I have no choice. So I jump. I did not think. I am just so scared. I jump out but I forgot though that there is about a five foot drop from the house to the floor because the house is in a tree. But by the time I jumped it was too late. I was falling. I fell.
    I woke up and I was back where I did not want to be in the first place and I wanted to wish myself back but I can’t imagine it up. I’ll never know if it was the islanders or if it was just one of the animals I saw.