• Its first stated of as a little island on the path way of blood to heaven my sis the Procter of the path way and is a wolf-Griffin and she next's in line in to be leader of the lands. The land was made by the fist angle who had turned on god because of my farther who was jealous that god his younger brother was chosen to be in the heaves and Procter of the Earth who is not going his job right. Then came the falls of the humans i told my brother to become a sank and tell Adom and Eve to eat the apple. Lol and they feel for it no wondered they called my A-DOM. Then god became very anger at me and tried to kill my so my mother talked to mother time and put me back in her stomach But she died and for some reason i was still alive and so mother time said "i shall be protected for 3000 years in this stomach till i was need. I was needed i was the youngest of all my family who will ever need me. And so our story begins smile

    I put a pic of my sis and the path of blood to heaven