• Silver Rose

    It has been weeks since I last saw him. As I walked by the streams quiet, flowing waters, listening to its soft melody, longing for his arms again. While sitting under a tall oak tree watching leaves fall in front of me, and listening to nature’s melody. As one leaf fell on my lap, I remembered the fun times we had, laughing and jumping on piles of leaves, tumbling on the hillside, lying down on the tall green grasses, looking at the clouds, slashing each other in cold chilly waters. Those memories will never be gone in my head. As the soft wind breeze blew softly on my long, silky silver hair and the smell of pine trees and fresh rain water from the stream. I felt something gently covered my eyes with its hands, and whispered softly by my ear “did you miss me?” with a smile on my face, I knew it was him. I took his hands and wrapped it around my waist, pressed my head by his neck. I closed my eyes as the leaves fell around us, dancing in the winds, then he raised my head, and I felt something soft pressed against my lips. Then the wind called “Run! Get away from there!” but it was too late, after I’d herd the strange call something sharp pierced through my back and went out of my chest. I opened my eyes, and tears began to fall form his Safire eyes. Then he said “I’m sorry” He took the knife and hugged me once more. He slipped a letter in my hand, he ran with my blood all over him, dripping every step he takes.
    As he crossed the stream, droplets of blood would fall and ripples would reach the end of the stream. With every droplets of blood that fell into the water, the water changed its color to bloody red. Roaring thunders and the sun hid itself in the behind the gray thundering clouds.
    Rain began to fall and the blood on my white dress slowly washed away on the soft, green grass. I had noticed the letter ha gave me. Inside it, it says “I’m sorry it had to end like this, but it’s my duty to kill you. I’m also a son of a killer, he was supposed to be the one killing you but in the end I’m the one stabbing you.” Tears began to fall from my eyes and dripped on the letter. After a few seconds I died. I died on the soft green grass, under the big, old Oak tree, near the stream by the hillside.
    After a few days the water from the stream, from the day I died turned rd and also the green grasses where my blood fell turned red. Under the tree where I died, a beautiful silver rose grew, a mark where my faith and love died.

    “I’ll never forget that day. The day me,
    And my love once died.”