• There was a women that liked a guy,but he was older than her.she tried to get noticed,but it got worse.she tried to sing at a talent show,she dedicated the best song she could write,but it turns out,he wasent there.she turned into a big singer,but she wasnt happy,she only sang songs for him.one day,in her world-wide tour,she was in her hometown and all of her friends,including the guy she liked.when she heard,she was singing the best she could so he was noticed,turns out he did.a year later,the guy went to her closing of her tour,he had crossed the world just to see her,backstage he told her things she would never beleved anyone would say to her.at the end of the year,he asked her to marry him,she was shoked and crying she said yes,6 months later they got marrried at the best chapel in the world.10 years later,she died in an accident,in the funeral the guy cried so much he couldint brethe.he died that day and before he died he said to be buried next to her.for years,people worshiped their love and they rememberd them forever

    The End