• Departure

    “Good bye Mother, Father.” I spoke lightly.
    She turned around gracefully her pale blonde hair caressing around her slim figure, flowing to her waist. She looked like an angel. Depressingly she smiled at me showing her candescent fangs.
    “Bye Lacie, we will miss you greatly.” She said as her eyes flickered to my fathers’ and my breath.
    “As will I” My soprano voice lowered and my body mimicked hers.
    “Lacie,” My father said as he touched my cheek. “You will visit us in Romania will you not?” He said in a demanding voice. “Your grandparent’s will be very pleased to see you” Then he moved closer and whispered in my ear even though he already knew my mom had heard him “Also I think I might get a little lonely with all of them vampires”
    That was a lie; they only cared about my brother, Leo. He was first born, and he was a male, one that could take over the family name. Unlike my mother or I, but luckily she had an older brother and she pleased her parents greatly.
    I quickly glanced down. “Well in that case father, I guess I better not leave you and your magic in the hands of a clan of vampires!”
    His smile grew and I heard my mom stifle a laugh.
    As they began to load the plane I called out to my parents and they both turned around as my father froze time.
    “You have about 3 minutes before your mom hears” he smiled.
    “I was wondering if I could attend a human school.” I murmured.
    He looked at me with a bewildered face
    “I-I wont bite anyone” I promised. “I can control myself better then that.”
    My fathers’ expression snapped into a shocked smile.
    “Of course you won’t bite anyone; you’ve got my genes in you too; half Wiccan, half vampire. So I guess the only option is to let you attend what ever high school you wish to attend.”