• True story...
    It was an early morning. I woke up to the smell of cooked eggs, bacon, and potatoes. I went downstairs and greeted my two cousins and aunt. Giving them all a loving hug I sat down at the table in the dining room and ate breakfast happily. It was Thanksgiving and we were all going to my aunt Cesna’s house to celebrate with the rest of the family. I ran upstairs swiped up a towel and went through my room to the bathroom. I started the shower and touched the warm water with my hand. Satisfied with the warmth I grabbed the shower head and let the warm water pour down on my head until my hair was fully soaked. I turned off the water put back the shower head and started to brush my hair. After I finished brushing my hair and getting dressed we left to my aunt Cesna’s house.
    I looked out the window and opened the car door smiling towards the house where the Thanksgiving celebration was going to be held. Excited I jumped out the car with my two cousins following me. I said hi to everyone and introduced all of them to my cousins. One of my cousins Shareen was smiling nervously and said hi back. Unlike my other cousin Bernard he went back outside and played basketball with my other cousins. My mom told me to watch him but I assumed he’ll be alright.
    I smelled the aroma of the nearly done turkey in the oven. My mouth watered at the smell and I eyed some of the other food on the table. I restrained myself from eating any more food and walked my cousin Shareen to show her around the place. After showing her the last room we were laughing at the joke she made. We walked into the front to the sound of forks clashing against plates and chattering people.
    My mom walks up to me and points to my cousin Bernard who was sniffling. She told me that Bernard got into a fight with my other cousin when I was showing my cousin Shareen around. My mom shook her head disappointed and walked away. I went up to my cousin Bernard and sat next to him on the comfy soft couch. I wiped off a tear from his smooth cheek with the back of my hand. Uncertain I asked him quietly if he was okay and put my arm on his shoulders as a sign of comfort. He said he was okay and shrugged as if it was no big deal. I gave him one last hug and went to my other cousins that were sitting at the table eating. Even though he didn’t say anything I knew from his expression on his face and the look in his eyes that he was mad and sad that I wasn’t there for him and I knew it to but I walked away and don’t talk to him for the rest of the day. If only I knew that day was going to be the last time I’ll ever be able to see him again.

    Two years later November 4th, 2005 it was a cold Friday night. Only 5:00pm and the sun was already going down. I was at my aunt Cesna’s house that was located in a poorly shaped neighborhood. The wind blew hard making the one tree on there front yard sway swiftly from side to side. I walked inside the house that once seemed beautiful that now seemed cold and boring. Once inside the house i went into the boy’s room and unpacked my video games and hooked it up to the small T.V no bigger then three basketballs. Since there were five of us and only four imports we decided to play and the person that lost had to give it up to the next person. As our fingers went around the controller pushing buttons once or multiply times we played until 6:00pm. By then our fingers were sore and we were tired of playing Mario Party 6.
    We were in the front room watching T.V when my mom charges in with tears rolling down her cheeks. She walks towards the small bathroom and wipes her eyes and blows her nose. Worriedly I waited until my mom calmed down so I could talk to her.
    When she finally calmed down she sat down on the long comfy couch clutching onto her phone. I walk over to her and ask what’s wrong. She looks at me with red puffy eyes. Slowly she tells me as softly as she can that my cousin Bernard just got hit by a car awhile ago. I assumed he was ok but I asked anyways. She looks at me her eyes getting watery filled with sadness and says to me in a cracking voice “No he’s not ok Shawna, he died.” After hearing this I couldn’t believe it. I stood there stupefied not believing any of it and walked back towards the boy's room. I passed my cousins who were frowning at the news and watched me go into the boy’s room. I turned the T.V on and started to play video games thinking no, he can’t be gone it’s just a lie. I started to cry softly while playing remembering all the good times I had with my cousin Bernard and how he loved playing video games with me. My cousin E.J walks in and hugs me and tries to let me cry on his shoulder. I pull away not wanting to be held by anyone or to even talk to anyone. I didn’t want to see anyone only my cousin Bernard.
    While I was playing the video game my mom left and my grandma and grandpa were going to drop off me and my sisters at home. I packed up my video games and said bye to everyone and jumped inside the car and we started to drive off. I rolled down the window looking outside at the shining moon and the twinkling stars. Most people would have thought this night as to be beautiful but to me it seemed to be the darkest night I’ve ever seen even if the moons reflection was bright. As I watched the houses fly by more tears started to roll down my cheek but I stayed silent.
    Once my sisters and I got home I went straight upstairs to my room and just laid there on my bed in the darkness. I wrapped the blanket around me laying there thinking about my cousin unable to think about anything else wishing he was okay and nothing bad just happened that night. My moms boyfriend comes in my room but I turn away not wanting to see anyone. He sits on my bed and says comforting word but it doesn’t seem to help me and he leaves and closes the door behind him. That day I cried myself to sleep even though it was just 8:00pm. Sleeping I was thinking that it was just a horrible nightmare that would end up okay in the morning. That night affected me in all ways. Unable to forgive myself I remember the last time I saw him and it was that day he got into a fight with my cousin. I let him down that day and I’ll never be able to forgive myself. My cousin Bernard will always and forever remain in my heart even though my memories are starting to fade away from me.

    Dedicated to my cousin please dont say anything negative or corrent my flaws. i know i made mistakes. but this was very painful to write... well yeah... R.I.P CUDDIE!! I MISS U!!

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    i just... miss u so much ...