• Have you ever had one of those dreams? Where they were nightmares at the time, but thinking back on them they are not scary anymore? Moreover their down right hilarious? I've had one of those dreams. Three to be exact.

    My first terrifying dream started when I was about five years old. I would get this dream every year until I was about thirteen.

    I remember that, at the time, I lived with my grandmother and aunt. We lived in a small house on the rural end of our small town. It was a little white house. It wasn't the best of homes, but it was where my first childhood memories were placed. The house had a porch that covered the front of the house. I remember my grandmother planted Gardenia bushes around the front of the porch. The path to the driveway wound from the left side of the house to the right. The front lawn was huge compared to other houses I've lived in. On either side of the land there were fields that were owned by our landlords who lived across the street. They were normally closed off by a gate and rarely ever used. You might be wondering why I'm telling you about the house I grew up in. This is because it is the setting for my dream.

    The opening scene of my dream starts out with me sitting in our old station wagon with my grandmother in the driver's seat. Just when we are about to pull off she says she forgot something in the house so she leaves me in the car to go retrieve it. I wait for a couple minutes... and wait... and wait... and thats when it happens.

    Suddenly out of no where three pigs come rushing into the car. But these weren't you average three little piggies. No, their entire body is covered in a stark shade of blue. And they have purple wings. Purple. Flipping. Wings!!! Ironically they have that 1920s gangster voice. With the “yeah, see...” and all. And at the moment, they are hijacking my grandmother's car. With me in it.




    At first I do what any normal five-year-old does. I cried my eyes out. I screamed and kicked and even once tried to jump out of the car. I remember they pulled out of my driveway and drove three miles down the road. How did I know it was three miles? I'm not sure, but it was. In reality, there is nothing there but fields. In my dream? There is a water ride. Yes, you saw right. A Water ride.

    The entire thing looped, spun, and twisted it's way to infinity. It was tunneled and, upon first look, water was going through it like a torpedo. And I was mortified. Why? (1)Blue pigs with purple wings just kidnapped me, (2)The water ride didn't look like it was ever going to end, and (3)I forgot my bathing suit.

    So this terrifying dream would end with me being forced onto the ride. I would either wake up screaming my head off, or my grandmother would wake me up because I was crying. I was terrified of this dream. And what made it worse was when I would have the dream again, I knew what was coming. I knew. And from the moment I was unconscious I was already freaking out.

    Luckily, I don't have this dream anymore. And if I did, I still think I would wake up in a cold sweat, blubbering like a baby. To this day I absolutely can not, not, not stand anywhere near a pig. Or sit in running cars by myself. But I have gotten over the water ride bit. But the fear that I held for this dream was really a nightmare. I have still yet to wonder why exactly I would be afraid of this scenario.

    So remember, kiddies and adults alike. Nightmares are scary, scary things. But go back on the nightmares you've had that you remember. Can you laugh at any of them? Can you laugh at your fears? If not, try to learn to. And I guarantee you, you'll be laughing at your own subconscious just as I laugh at mine.