• Note 2

    Why why why, just plain why. Why did you have to show all of your friends of my note, now i'm the laughing stalk of the school. Not only that, but I have been noticing all those dirt stares you have been giving me at school. But, I'm anice guy, I'l forgive you if you do not show any more of my notes to people. This is a personal issue between you and me and i do not want anyone to interfere with it. now that thats all behind us, I am really happy though that you actually got my note and read it instead of throwing it away. I'm gonna be away for awile so don't go do anything stupid ok. Thats it for this note, il send you another as soon as i get back. Bye.

    Note 3

    What is your problem, I was gone for 3 days and this is what you do, you get engadged with that gock Ramy. I mean look at him, sure he is active and very muscular, but for every one brain cell he has, i must have at least a thousand more. Whatv was going through your head when you got engadged. Not only that, but you kiss him right in front of me, are you trying to get me angry, it sure is working but heck, I will give you one more chance, but only one more. You blow it and I'm going to get very angry. But to end this note on a happy note, I heard your birthday is coming up next week, hey maby you will even send me an invitation. I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'm going to end it here because my pen is going dry so i'l send you another note soon. Bye.