• Juvinile Delinquents turn Heros!
    By Michaela [kayla]

    The “Incident”
    Just over the hill on Jay Mountain there was a resent fire at an old rundown church.
    There were a group of kids and their teachers were out having a picnic when some of the kids went missing. The church was on fire and all the teachers were panicking. Just then Johnny Cade, Dallas Winston, and Ponyboy Curtis showed up. First they ran up and broke a window and Ponyboy climbed in. He and Johnny found the kids. They were risking life and limb for those kids.
    The Heroes save the day!
    Johnny and Ponyboy were taking kids and setting them out the window. One of the parents of one of the kids said, “All those kids would have burned to death if it wasn’t for those three sweet boys.”

    What happened to them?
    Well after they got all of the kids out Johnny pushed Ponyboy out the window. When Ponyboy got out Dallas Winston had hit him on the back. The reason why he did is because Pony had fire on his back. Johnny screamed. Dallas had gone back to get Johnny out. Dallas, he burned one arm really badly. Ponyboy had suffered smoke inhalation and shock he had a jacket on which saved his life. But as for Johnny he’s in critical condition. Johnny is suffering with a broken back and third degree burns.

    The causable solution……
    Ponyboy’s guardians were his older brothers Sodapop and Darrel were worried about him. The court is thinking of putting seventeen year old Sodapop and fourteen year old Ponyboy in a boy’s home. Because the court said that the brothers can stay together as long as they don’t get into trouble. But Ponyboy has been charged with assisting in Bob’s murder.