• Transition

    Transition is a change of ones surrounding and/or self…,
    but under what surrenders...? The transitions of your love, life, self, perspectives, and most of all of your family, are all the most important of transitions. Transition could properly define as; brutal, catastrophic, tragic, devastating, altering, frightening, or could it….?

    Love, life, and family of all things are the most difficult and longest lasting of all transitions. Love is harsh and painful to change; trust is hard to gain, lasting loyalty is but a seed, the stems and leaf branch many ways, and as for
    broken heart takes time to remedy.

    Life can evolve in so many ways; from good or bad, big to small, to sight to sound, yourself, and the things around you. Many things you can shape and change and what you cannot you can endure and support.

    Family is always changing and altering slowly as you age and progress your life. when hardship and disaster tease, your family can changes and alter.

    Self transition is the most converse and transitioning your perspectives lead the best of all causes. Self transition starts with ones self and ends in the example for al around. Over all, a person’s perspectives are the best in good for it opens your eyes to the world.