• Dear Me,

    In September 2006 . . . please ignore whatever your friend says and don't try out for play at the college. You'll be disappointed. You won't get the part you want, and you'll feel shitty.

    But if you just can't resist . . . then you can't say I didn't warn you. When you're there, try to be social and talk to people. Your boyfriend has just broken up with you and you will need comfort. Maybe you'll feel less lonely and you won't find solace in a boy you barely know. A boy who will capture your heart and soul . . .

    If you cannot avoid this boy then you must not fall for him. Be his friend, but do not see it anywhere past that. He is going to be your most favorite person to talk to; he will understand how you feel and know what you're going through. He just broke up with his girlfriend too and hurts just like you. You two will be close friends fast. You will feel a happy stirring in your chest . . . it will feel like love. But he is the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. You are Eve and paradise will be lost if you sample the fruit

    And if you can't help but fall in love with this boy . . . understand the trouble that is ahead of you. He will ask you out, and it will feel like heaven on earth . . . for a while. The gap of time between you will not affect you, and soon those around you will be the obstacle. It will be much to bear and you will feel so conflicted. The stress will cloud your judgment. You will separate several times . . . . before he finally breaks your heart. Everything will feel so damaged . . . .

    If you let this boy break your heart, it will be ok. At first when he finds love with someone not so new . . . it will hurt worse than being stabbed a hundred times. But the pain will pass, and you'll find someone new as well. You and the boy will eventually reach a point of understanding. You'll be friends and it will just like the first time you met. A friend to talk to and be with. But now is where you need to learn from your past . . . and leave the apple alone.

    The good news is that you'll be able to resist the fruit . . . but the boy will want to sample the apple. But he doesn't want to be in this alone. He will tempt you . . . I beg you to resist. Paradise will collapse once more, and this time he won't be the fairy tale ending where everything is ok. Things will be forever changed, and you become everything you swore you were against. You will discover, you never stopped loving him but you'll start to wonder . . . did he ever actually love you? Your world will be shattered - broken into a millions pieces.

    Please . . . be careful. Damage can be fixed, but broken is forever.