• Over a year after the death of her parents Katie and her husky german shepard mix, Allie have had to live with her blind grandmother, in the mountains, in an old drafty house. Her grandmother always worried about Katie and tried to make Katie and Allie feel at home but it never worked.
    So one day Katie’s grandmother asked Katie to help clean up the attic.
    “ Katie can you please help me clean the attic?”
    Grandma Barb asked.
    “Sure I have nothing else to do,” Katie answered.
    “All right then get up and follow me up there,” Her
    grandmother said slowly walking to the attic stairs.
    “Grandma Barb can I bring Allie up?” Katie asked
    petting the dog on the head.
    “Sure honey you can bring your dog,” Grandma Barb said with a smile.
    “Grandma it’s Allie not a dog,” Katie said while getting up off the couch and following her grandmother with Allie on her heals.
    The attic was very messy and Katie saw a mouse
    run across the floor so she held Allie’s collar tightly so
    she couldn’t get it.
    “Well you can start with the books over there, if
    you see any you may want to read go ahead and take
    them, I’m going to get some tea, ok deary,” Grandma
    Barb said slowly going over to the stairs with her little
    “Thank you I think I might find something I like,”
    Katie said knowing that most likely all of her
    Grandmother’s books sucked.
    When her grandmother was in the kitchen she
    thought it was now safe to talk to Allie.
    “Allie girl why doesn’t she just leave me alone its
    like she knows I can’t say no,” Katie told Allie.
    And as if Allie understood what Katie said, she
    pawed at Katie’s hands. Then the mouse ran across the
    floor and Katie was to slow to catch her speedy dog as
    she ran after the mouse. As soon as it began it ended
    as the mouse ran under the pile of books and Allie crashed right into them and old dusty brown leather
    bound book fell into Katie’s lap.
    “What’s this book about?” Katie asked as Allie
    stood up and walk over to Katie and just watched.
    Katie was about to open the book when her grandma
    came back up so Katie set the book to the side and
    started to pick up the books like her grandmother had
    asked her to do.
    “What was that noise Katie?” her grandmother
    “Allie chased the mouse that is up here and she
    ran into the pile of books,” Katie answered.
    “Well, that mouse is pretty tricky, he stole a whole
    tuna sandwich from me once,” Grandma Barb said with
    a big grin.
    Later on that night Katie and Allie went to bed and
    Katie grabbed the book that she set aside, laid down
    in bed, and opened the book, then all of a sudden she
    and Allie were sitting in a big green field with long
    grass and some trees.
    “Where are we Allie?” Katie asked her dog.
    “I don’t know,” Allie answer.
    Katie jumped up, “You can talk!”
    “I guess here I can but not back at home,” Allie
    “This is weird,” Katie said as she looked across the
    field and saw someone walk toward them, “Hide,” Katie said and they both laid on the ground, then a mouse
    walked by.
    “Allie don’t you dare,” Katie said but it was too late
    Allie was already chasing the mouse and the person
    Katie had seen was chasing Allie.
    Katie shouted across the field wondering why she just
    did that.
    “What are you doing in my field?” the older man asked Katie as Allie ran back over to her panting hard.
    “Sorry Katie I can’t help it,” Allie said trying to catch her breath, “its just so fun.”
    “That’s ok Allie,” Katie said smiling then remembering that someone else was in the field with them.
    “I said what are you doing in my field?” the man asked again walking toward them.
    Katie held Allie’s collar and answer, “I don’t know a minute ago I was about to read a book before I went to bed and now I’m here.”
    “Oh another one of you kind of people,” the man started smiling, “you all want to find a way back from where you came, am I right?”
    “Yeah I guess if you consider two dead parents and a blind grandmother home,” Katie said trying her hardest not to cry even though her parents have been dead for way over a year.
    “Well if you want to go back follow that dirt road over there for about two miles then there will be a fork in the road go down the right, when you get to a purple swirling thing jump into it and you will be home,” the man told her.
    “We should go back to your grandmother,” Allie said starting to go to the road.
    “Thank you very much sir,” Katie said to the man as she ran after Allie.
    The man took a minute then said, “Your welcome,” and walked back the way he came.
    Katie and Allie walked down the dirt road and took a right when they got to the fork, then the sun started to go down and Katie and Allie saw the way to get home and Katie’s parents who had died, alive right in front of it.
    “Mom, Dad, how are you here?” Katie asked walking toward them. And all they did was smile at her.
    “Katie come on we have to go,” Allie said standing at the gateway home.
    “But they’re here we have to stay,” Katie said just standing there staring at them.
    “Katie go to home to your grandma,” her mom said.
    “Mom but I want to stay here with you and dad,” Katie said.
    “Your mom is right just let go,” her dad said.
    Then Allie grabbed Katie’s sweater and pulled her into the gateway.
    “ALLIE,” she yelled but it was no use she could no longer see her parents and Katie’s eyes were getting heavy then she was asleep.
    When she and Allie woke up they were in bed and it was morning.
    Then her grandma walked in, “You two went to bed early last night,” she said as she gave Allie a dog treat, “Good girl Allie.”
    “Grandma Barb how did you see her?” Katie asked.
    “I don’t know today I can see everything today,” her grandmother answered.
    “House needs cleaning?” Katie asked.
    “Sure does,” she said then left.
    “That’s so weird,” Allie said.
    “You can still talk,” Katie said surprised.
    “I know,” Allie said, “oh sorry about that.”
    “Don’t worry, just like my dad said just let go.”