• Let us never forget whom gave their life to give us freedom. Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of body and mind. Who fought for our country, whom fought for their family? Who fought through dought and pain?

    Let us never forget that in hardest of times, they got up and they suffered. You can only imagine, what they endured. You can't begin to imagine how their families suffered. Even though death surrounded them, they found a light.

    Let us never forget whom names are unknown, for they shall always have the glory they deserve. When rightfully theirs is striped of them, they never lose faith. Faith is all they had, because they knew not the outcome of the battle.

    Let us never forget that these people are immortal, for they gave life to so many. Those many gave life to more, so the solders life live on. We all carry within us the life of the solders, and pass that on to more.

    Please, let us never forget.