• Mandy had always been a very thin girl, without much padding to her young bottom. She was eleven years old and pretty small, five foot five, and only weighed 105 pounds. She was very conscious about being thin, and she often wished that she could gain a little weight. While her girlfriends complained about their big bottoms, Mandy would look wistfully at the way their behinds filled out their tight blue jeans.

    One day when she had returned from the store with a bag full of new jeans, she confessed to her mother that she wished she could gain five pounds right on her bottom. Her new jeans didn't stretch across her bottom cheeks the way she wanted them too. She wanted to have something back there to wiggle, and something back there to show off when she went bowling!

    Her mother simply smiled and patted her cute little behind.

    "Don't worry, I am sure as you get older your behind will grow. Nice round behinds run in our family. You need to gain about ten pounds and you will see. You know, if your behind were bigger, it would mean that instead of a hand spanking, you would be punished with the hairbrush. Do you still want a bigger behind?"

    Mandy blushed and said, "Even if it meant getting the hairbrush, I would rather not be so skinny!"

    That was when Judy started to help her daughter gain weight. She knew that if she made meals with butter instead of margarine, and packed an extra cookie or two in her daughter lunch, and encouraged her to have ice cream near bed time, that ten pounds would find their way right to her daughters behind!

    They would measure her hips each week, and have her stand on the scale to check her weight. Little by little Mandy's behind turned from Ethiopian Butt into a full-fledged Hairbrush Girl. It was quite some behind too! When Mandy bowled, people from six lanes to the left and six lanes to the right would stop and stare. When Mandy walked down the street she would hear whistles coming from buses and cars. When Mandy went shopping for clothes, she would look at herself in the mirror and smile. Mandy was a hairbrush girl!

    On her next birthday, when she turned 13, Mandy came to her mother wearing a cute little pleated skirt that smoothed out in the back as it covered her new bubble butt and she handed her mother a hairbrush. Her mom looked confused at first but then Mandy explained.

    "Mom, I have always wanted to get a good sound spanking from you, with a hairbrush. My entire life I was given hand spankings when I was being punished, and they did hurt very much and always taught me to behave, but I always felt as if I was missing something. I haven't needed a spanking since I was ten when I was caught sneaking out after bedtime. I really wish you would give me a real spanking with a hairbrush for that right now."

    Mandy's mother could see from the look on her daughter's face that this was something she wanted very much. Mandy was always a good girl and never asked for something that was beyond the family's means to give her. She stared at the hairbrush and then at her daughter wearing the cute plaid skirt. What else could she possibly do??

    "You know what this means, don't you Mandy?"

    Mandy's voice sounded very young when she said, "Yes mommy, you are going to punish me."

    "That's right, and I am going to punish you just like I would have when you were ten if your bottom had been big enough. So that means I am going to pull up your skirt and lower your panties."

    "Yes Mommy," Mandy squirmed and her bottom started to tingle.

    Mandy's mom sat on a sturdy desk chair and pulled her daughter across her lap. Mandy's hands went to the floor to steady herself and her legs bent and her feet faced the ceiling. Mommy then placed her hand on Mandy's ample young behind and gave it a few pats with her hand. She started warming the seat of her skirt, spanking first one cheek and then the other, her hand keeping to the plaid material of the skirt. She would stop and rub, noticing that Mandy's behind was nice and firm under her skirt.

    Then Mommy lifted Mandy's skirt to reveal a pair of pale pink cotton panties. They barely covered more than just her bummy crack and creased down the middle indicating that Mandy was clenching her bottom cheeks. Mommy patted and rubbed her panties for a few moments until her daughter relaxed and then changed the hairbrush to her spanking hand, and rubbed the smooth wood of it across the panties.

    Mandy grabbed hold of the chair legs and let out a deep breath. She was finally getting what she knew she always needed, a sound hairbrushing. Mommy raised up the hairbrush and brought it down with a firm smack, followed quickly by another.

    "Oooooh! That hurts!" Mandy gasped.

    "A spanking is supposed to hurt!" Mommy grinned.

    After the hairbrush landed on one cheek and then the other. The panties got smacked and little red spots started to appear right below the elastic at the bottom of her daughter's panties on her pale white skin. Mommy naturally had become curious to see just how beautiful her daughters behind had grown, so without too much hesitation she tucked her fingers into the waistband of the little pink panties and tugged them down.

    "Oh mommy no not on the bare!" was Mandy's instinctive reply.

    Mommy smiled down at her daughter's luscious derriere. It had two cute dimples near the top, and it flared down from her very tiny waist where her skirt was crumpled and pulled up and out of the way. Her panties framed the lower part of her plump bottom and then two long legs, which had a downy covering of light hairs angled down to Mommy's right. When she started smacking Mandy's bottom with the brush, she noticed how firm and tight her behind had grown. It jiggled just the right amount, but only with the hardest of blows. When she stopped to rub, her daughter wiggled around on her lap, almost purring from relief.

    Finally Mommy decided that the end of the spanking should be coming soon. Her daughter's behind was getting near the perfect shade of red, and since she had never been spanked this hard before, there were small red spots starting to raise up here and there.

    "Now I am going to give you 21 swats for your birthday, and if you are a brave girl during every one, I will give you some lotion on your bottom too."

    "Yes mommy, yes!" Mandy lifted up her head and clenched her teeth determined not to scream or yell.

    Twenty-one hard smacks came down, and Mandy kicked her legs silently back and forth. Before her eyes, Mandy's bottom went from red to maroon. There was no denying that Mandy would be feeling this spanking for the rest of the week everytime she sat down.

    After the last smack, Mommy sent Mandy across the room to fetch the lotion, and Mandy almost skipped across the carpet and then ran back, her panties still down, as she snuggled once again across her mother's lap.

    Mommy patted and rubbed and smiled when she heard Mandy coo as the lotion soothed her very hot behind. Once the lotion had been fully rubbed into her hot skin, Mommy returned the panties to their upright position and smoothed her plaid skirt down.

    When mother and daughter stood and hugged, it was a special moment and Mommy's hand traveled down her daughters back and gave the girl's bummy a little pat - as if to say, you are never too old to be taken over my knee, and your bummy is just the right size for the hairbrush!