• The Night Before Chrismas
    Once there was a knock on the door i opened it. It was a little puppy scraching on the door at room 27 were there were 2 kids and a mother and father on vacation and they were going to leave tommorow morning at 5:00 A.M. in the morning. But they were going to take the litte puppy with them.
    Then they never left with the little puppy they were snowed indoors and then they spent thier chrismas in a hotel until it stopped snowing they would leave but for now they would stay there.
    So theythere letter as fast as they could and when they finished it said: Dear Santa for chrismas i want a barbie doll with a ken doll too.
    Then the little sister wrote Dear Santa what i want for chrismas is a princess doll for chrismas and a castle for christmas too.
    Then they put they the letters mail box fo the letters will go to the north pole were santa is.

    It was chrismas morning and there presents were outside room27 and they were very happy!

    The End

    By Cindy
    The #1 Book ever