• What is a true friend?I've asked myself this many times.There are alot of answers to this.But there is only one way to find out how...Live an experience were your friends should help you.I've gotten shattered friday...Not very fun if you ask me but a friend is this;someone who helps you when your down.They help you when you like a guy that they are going out with.They give a shoulder to cry on if you got your heart broken,or lend you something without wanting something in return.They do favors to you just for the fun of it.They help you up after you've fallen on ice or snow.They dont laugh at you when you've embarrased yourself.If you have a health problem or something they wont find you weird and walk away,they will stick with you to the end of time.They dont hit you or hurt you in any ways.For me this is what makes a good friend,or a best friend.My friends are like this...i told them my health problem and they stuck with me...we have fun and s**t.But what i think of a friend and what you think of a friend is the same.Its the same for everyone around the world,wether you are short or tall,skinny or fat,white or black, beautiful or ugly, popular or a nerd, terrorist or not. Its all the same. You want,and you NEED friends,good ones...not the ones that you could find at the dollar store.Like my favorite poem says:
    True friends are like diamonds,
    Rare but valued.
    "Friends" are like leaves,
    Found everywhere.